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Research about Energies between people

Jo develops effective measuring instruments and platforms through which we can better understand subconscious patterns and mechanisms in co-creation processes. Researching, stimulating, and visualizing the energies between people collectively is the underlying theme. With his objects and instruments, he investigates the collective versus the inner and challenges the viewer to become part of his work.

1 - SELF-PORTRET - who am I
2 - FLOWERPOWER - product sketch
3 - MOODORGY - project about measuring the excitements of the people
4 - WWW.SUNSTREAM.TV - the sun live (Placebo) Vitamine D
5 - INNERRHYTHMS - project about swallowing a Bluetooth and camera
6 - HUMAN ORGAN CONCERTO - participatory collective respiration monster
7 - MEGAPHONE-ENSEMBLE - contemporary fanfare recruiting

RISO-printed on blue, red and yellow.

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Samenschool-Antenna Antwerp, Belgium

Samenschool is a space with multiple identity, Samenschool is a bunch of people very passionate about art.

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